The Future of Law

The Future
of Law


Providentia is delighted to present a series of four, one-hour webinars on The Future of Law with the renowned Richard Susskind. This series will cover the future of legal services including the drivers of change, and the impact of generative AI on the legal profession, services and practice. We will also discuss how tomorrow’s in-house lawyers will manage and operate the legal processes within their organizations, as well as the future of BigLaw, the likely impact of the BigFour, and the strengths and weaknesses of alternative legal service providers.

This exclusively live webinar series has been created specifically to help in-house lawyers and legal operations executives understand how to prepare for and address the changing legal landscape.

One general MCLE credit will be available for California webinar attendees.

Richard Susskind


BigLaw and the Alternatives

THURSDAY MARCH 14 AT 12pm PT | 1pm MT | 2pm CT | 3pm ET

  • ‘The Innovator’s Dilemma’ and how it affects BigLaw
  • Clients’ perceptions of BigLaw
  • The Big Four and their likely impact
  • The role of legal tech startups in disrupting legal services
  • The strengths and weaknesses of alternative legal service providers
  • What this all means for in-house legal departments

Previous Events

The Future of Legal Services, Part I: The Drivers of Change

THURSDAY NOVEMBER 9 AT 12pm PT | 1pm MT | 2pm CT | 3pm ET

  • The key mindset for in-house lawyers as the legal landscape evolves
  • What we can learn from technology’s impact on relatable professions
  • The “more for less” conundrum and the responses of new labor models and technology
  • Drawing lessons from how innovation has developed and is affecting the market
  • Thinking strategically about optimization, transformation, and diversification

The Future of Legal Services, Part II: AI & The Law

THURSDAY JANUARY 25 AT 12pm PT | 1pm MT | 2pm CT | 3pm ET

  • AI’s timeline – its history & future development
  • First & second waves – from expert systems to machine learning
  • The current and future impact of generative AI on legal services
  • The impact on legal jobs, and the opportunities that will be created
  • How AI is, and will be, applied in legal work and practice

Tomorrow's In-House Lawyers

THURSDAY FEBRUARY 15 AT 12pm PT | 1pm MT | 2pm CT | 3pm ET

  • The pressures on in-house lawyers today – balancing cost and value
  • Understanding and implementing strategies for efficiency
  • Short-term and long-term management & leadership strategies
  • The four categories of technology that transform the in-house legal functions
  • Future roles and responsibilities for in-house lawyers
  • The shareholder test – How legal departments deliver value for money