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Proactive, Product-Led Compliance

Our regulatory compliance team advises clients on building and monitoring effective compliance frameworks, including the key elements of data privacy, data protection and cybersecurity law. Our team’s deep experience in tech enables us to serve as a trusted partner to help businesses take a practical approach to minimizing compliance risk.

Compliance Programs that Fit Your Business

As a business, you may not be aware of sanctions and regulations required of you to operate efficiently and legally. Providentia has the experience to advise you on the multitude of compliance laws that can affect your business, products, and operation. 


We will show you what the applicable regulations are, the laws you need to adhere to, the business policies to implement, the required licensing, and the oversight you need to have for your business structure to be successful and protected.

Privacy by Design

In the era of data-driven business, we understand the importance of privacy. We assist our clients in establishing comprehensive data privacy frameworks that comply with the law, protect consumer data, and build trust with users. We stay abreast of the latest legal developments in privacy and data security, ensuring that our clients are always in compliance with changing regulations.

Managing Privacy Compliance Risk

Technology companies require a strong privacy baseline in a changing global landscape with regards to data privacy. Our attorneys have deep experience in building global privacy programs for some cutting edge technology companies. Since compliance with privacy laws like GDPR and CCPA needs to be built into the products you create, we specialize in helping our clients manage regulatory risk in a way that will create advantages for your business.

Partnering on Privacy at all Stages of Growth

Just as a company makes a minimum viable product for future development, we believe that it should also implement and evolve a minimum viable privacy product. We counsel tech companies of any shape and size on these strategies. If you’re a startup, we work with your product and engineering teams to install base privacy guidelines, policies, and practices that will meet market expectations. If your company is facing privacy-related pain points as it grows, we help you streamline solutions for scale. If your business is positioning itself to go public, we make sure your privacy practices meet the bar for IPO.

And cybersecurity…

The intersection of privacy, compliance and information security is also a focal area. We call this practice “cybersecurity”. We blend legal, technological and operational advice to offer a seamless and complete data advisory service concentrated on the end-to-end acquisition, storage and protection of data, including compliance, ethics and investigations.

Embedding Compliance in Product Architecture

Providentia believes in pro-active, product-led compliance. We understand the many ways that differing regulations can be applied to your business based on the specific product choices you make. When you consider that even simple choices can trigger different regulations, it’s easy to see how embedded compliance needs to be in the architecture of your product. Ever proactive, Providentia can advise you to institute policies and practices that help avoid regulatory issues before they happen.

Product Law for Technology Companies

If you’re exploring a new or novel product offering, regulation can be especially confusing. Whether its hardware, software, marketplaces, payments, gaming, or fintech, Providentia can help you navigate existing regulations from a product-first perspective. 


Laws often don’t keep pace with the fast pace of innovation, and the differing regulations that exist can often apply differently depending on the nuances of your product. We take a consultative approach, you will receive counsel that helps you conduct business in a legal and compliant fashion from the outset.


As you develop a tech product, we will show you the regulations that will apply. If you are outsourcing management of the product or managing it internally, different regulations will have practical implications once you go-to-market.

Make Compliance a Product Selling Point

As individual consumers care more and more about privacy, enterprise customers require thorough compliance in order to conduct business. We tailor a customized legal framework to your product, help you create a strong baseline by building compliance into your products and processes, and create advantages for your business.




Providentia is a tech law firm that’s designed to provide counsel and services which are tailored to the needs of tech companies. We take an integrated approach to legal services, working directly with your team to provide comprehensive strategies that go beyond traditional legal analysis.


Dual Model Law Firm

Based in Silicon Valley, Providentia‘s dual model of outside counsel and secondment programs attracts top attorney talent and provides lower legal costs to clients. Our model, and our focus on relationship building and growth enablement, distinguish us from both traditional law firms and legal staffing agencies.

Outside counsel program icon
Outside counsel program icon

Outside Counsel Program

A team of senior, pragmatic, relationship-building lawyers with high-level in-house experience at some of the world’s greatest tech companies who combine across several practice areas to offer competitive legal services to clients.

Tech Savvy
Tech growth companies engage with us because of our collective experience in the tech industry, our focus on supporting go-to-market strategy, and our cost efficiency. Clients range from pre-seed tech entrepreneurs, to late series/pre-IPO start-ups, to public tech companies.

Secondment program icon
Secondment program icon

Secondment Program

Providentia provides enterprise clients with seasoned attorneys to support specific legal projects or in-house legal teams. Clients are assured that our attorneys have the backing of a law firm with the highest ethical and professional standards.

Business Savvy
We provide a stable, consistent platform that clients access to onboard very high quality, often long-term secondment support, at rates which meet the most stringent budgetary environments. Clients range from public enterprise companies to the uppermost echelon of the Fortune 100.

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