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    "The client team that David is supporting cannot stop raving about him. His expertise in commercial negotiation has allowed him to be a trusted leader to the business."
  • Woodside Capital Partners
    "David has a genius for corporate entity restructuring. His business acumen enables him to think well outside the box typical of most lawyers."
    Rudy Burger, Managing Partner
    Woodside Capital Partners
  • close5.com
    "In my career, I never worked with a more business-friendly lawyer than David. He was able to not only quickly identify potential legal issues or implications of our product roadmap, but also apply his strong product sense to help us devise workarounds or ideate on alternative solutions to achieve the same business objectives. The strong legal talent, business acumen and great leadership that David brought to Close5 made him an invaluable part of the team and the trusted driver of our integration with one of the world’s biggest e-commerce platforms."
  • Renexxion LLC
    "I've worked with David for nearly two years; he is an excellent corporate attorney, a true problem-solver. My business entities have been represented by many of the top attorneys at many of the top firms in California, David's strategic thinking and negotiation strength when it comes to complex international licensing agreements are second to none."
  • Christopher and Sarah-Jayne Couhault
    "David’s hard work in creating our estate and children’s protection plan lifted a tremendous weight off our shoulders. We’ve never felt a happiness like this before – finally having the comfort in knowing that our children’s futures are protected. We evaluated several estate planners and immediately chose David. Before he offered plan services, he had personally gone through the struggles and pitfalls of estate planning and we could sense his great passion for the subject. We knew that David could offer plan insights from his personal experience and that his unique forward-thinking plan approach would be unlike any others offered. David was able to explain estate planning and asset protection complexity in a way that was easy to understand and he listened to what was most important to us in creating our custom-tailored plan. His Client Services Director was very responsive with scheduling and assisted during signings. They are both incredibly personable and many times it felt as if we were with friends. When we were highly emotional during the guardianship decision making process, they were very empathetic, welcomed us to go at our own pace, and David offered practical and effective suggestions to help us move forward. When my wife woke up in the middle of the night anxious to sign off on our guardianship plans before our big trip away, David came to our home within 24 hours’ notice on a public holiday to make it happen. Although the plan process can be stressful, David made the whole process feel easy and we knew we were in a safe pair of hands. We’re grateful to have Providentia Law as our life-time partner and love that the plan comes with life-time plan amendments. This is so important to us because it means that as our family and life situation changes, we can easily reflect these changes without the burden of additional legal costs. It’s so reassuring knowing that our family can continue to be protected no matter what the future has in store for us. As parents, we believe that we have a responsibility to plan for our children’s futures and we can think of no one better to entrust in helping with this than Providentia Law."
    Christopher and Sarah-Jayne Couhault
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