Practicing at the intersection of law and technology.

Providentia counsels startup, growth and public companies on tech transactions, intellectual property, and regulatory compliance.

Providentia solves the in-house legal dilemma of how to do more for less by providing very high quality legal services in an innovative, transformative, and competitive manner.


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/ proː.u̯iˈden.ti.a /

In ancient Roman religion, the Goddess Providentia was the divine personification of the ability to foresee and make provision for the future.

Like our namesake, Providentia helps our clients prepare for the future by using our knowledge to create value, and by identifying and implementing solutions that enable the right sourcing of legal resources and technology. 

We are engaged to do exactly that by clients ranging from start-ups to tech giants.

In a complex environment, a little foresight can go a long way.


Providentia Law — born in the Bay Area — working remotely across the United States.

Our team’s location in Silicon Valley enables us to stay connected with the rapidly-moving technology industry. Our virtual services model gives us the flexibility to interact directly with your team, at your workplace, and on your schedule. We cover all the major tech hubs across the United States from San Francisco to New York.


Dual Model Law Firm

Based in Silicon Valley, Providentia‘s dual model of outside counsel and secondment programs attracts top attorney talent and provides lower legal costs to clients. Our model, and our focus on relationship building and growth enablement, distinguish us from both traditional law firms and legal staffing agencies.

Outside counsel program icon
Outside counsel program icon

Outside Counsel Program

A team of senior, pragmatic, relationship-building lawyers with high-level in-house experience at some of the world’s greatest tech companies who combine across several practice areas to offer competitive legal services to clients.

Tech Savvy
Tech growth companies engage with us because of our collective experience in the tech industry, our focus on supporting go-to-market strategy, and our cost efficiency. Clients range from pre-seed tech entrepreneurs, to late series/pre-IPO start-ups, to public tech companies.

Secondment program icon
Secondment program icon

Secondment Program

Providentia provides enterprise clients with seasoned attorneys to support specific legal projects or in-house legal teams. Clients are assured that our attorneys have the backing of a law firm with the highest ethical and professional standards.

Business Savvy
We provide a stable, consistent platform that clients access to onboard very high quality, often long-term secondment support, at rates which meet the most stringent budgetary environments. Clients range from public enterprise companies to the uppermost echelon of the Fortune 100.


Clients engage with one or both programs.

The dual model of Outside Counsel and Secondment programs was designed primarily with clients in mind. It offers a fully-flexible legal resourcing solution where clients can opt to engage us as outside counsel, or to hire secondees from our community, or both.

High quality attorneys

Exceptional standards, proven track records and strong reputations.

Business nous

The experience to understand business, ramp quickly, and achieve positive results.


Our outside counsel rates are a fraction of big law, our comparable performance of tremendous value.

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