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Providentia is a law firm built around the needs of rapidly growing technology companies. Our team specializes in data privacy, data protection and cybersecurity law and has a strong track record advising some of the world’s largest and most innovative technology companies. Our team’s deep experience in tech enables us to serve as a trusted partner to help businesses take a practical approach to minimizing privacy risk. 

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Our team has deep experience in data privacy law.

Technology companies require a strong privacy baseline in a changing global landscape with regards to data privacy. Our attorneys have deep experience in building global privacy programs for some cutting edge technology companies. Since compliance with privacy laws like GDPR and CCPA needs to be built into the products you create, we specialize in helping our clients manage regulatory risk in a way that will create advantages for your business. Providentia provides a trained eye and practical approach to privacy by taking the time to deeply understand your product and individual situation. The result is counsel that helps tech companies arrive at the best blend of privacy practices that strikes the correct balance between decreasing friction and mitigating risk. 

And cybersecurity…

The intersection of privacy, compliance and information security is also a focal area. We call this practice “cybersecurity”. We blend legal, technological and operational advice to offer a seamless and complete data advisory service concentrated on the end-to-end acquisition, storage and protection of data, including compliance, ethics and investigations.

Make data privacy law compliance a product selling point

As individual consumers care more and more about privacy, enterprise customers require thorough compliance in order to conduct business, and privacy laws like GDPR and CCPA impose significant regulations, privacy frameworks are at the forefront of tech companies’ minds. Our attorneys have built global privacy programs for some of the world’s largest technology companies. We tailor a customized legal framework to your product, help you create a strong privacy baseline by building compliance into your products and processes, and create advantages for your business.

We partner with companies across all stages of growth

Just as a company makes a minimum viable product for future development, we believe that it should also implement and evolve a minimum viable privacy product. We counsel tech companies of any shape and size on these strategies. If you’re a startup, we work with your product and engineering teams to install base privacy guidelines, policies, and practices that will meet market expectations. If your company is facing privacy-related pain points as it grows, we help you streamline solutions for scale. If your business is positioning itself to go public, we make sure your privacy practices meet the bar for IPO.

Our experienced data privacy attorneys won’t overload your privacy toolkit

The typical mode of privacy counsel is to burden clients with every privacy issue they need to fix. The reality is that no business has the resources to handle all of its privacy concerns at one time. More important is knowing how to prioritize what’s most important to get right and to keep an eye out for what matters most to the market. Our team’s history in tech enables us to equip technology companies with customized legal frameworks that manage risk while also leveraging privacy as a selling point for their business and brand.


Providentia is a tech transactions law firm that’s designed to provide counsel and services which are tailored to the needs of growing technology companies. We take an integrated approach to legal services, working directly with your team to provide comprehensive strategies that go beyond traditional legal analysis.


Privacy Lead Shivani Malik explores the misalignments of US, California, and international privacy standards. Read now


Based on our deep industry experience, we structure our data privacy counsel to meet the needs of technology companies at each stage in their growth.


The sooner companies have a base framework for legal compliance, the stronger the foundation to grow on. Providentia helps early stage ventures identify the most important things to get right to ensure that regulatory compliance is designed into the product from the ground up. A strong framework for compliance can serve as a business asset for startups, as many customers require strict privacy provisions from their vendors. Compliance with regulations is an important consideration for any chance of acquisition or investment.


As companies grow, compliance issues can become more complex, especially if you’re seeking to acquire other businesses and unify cultures and practices. Providentia helps growing companies create scale in their legal departments by creating compliance playbooks for common deals, agreements and contracts negotiations. Our team has the experience to help develop creative solutions to solve regulatory issues while addressing customer pain points.


In mature businesses, regulatory counsel is often required to identify and evaluate the compliance risks that are faced by acquisition targets or new product lines. Providentia helps large companies develop consistent frameworks to integrate the legal practices of businesses you acquire with your own, correct issues with vendor processes and future-proof internal processes and services to mitigate risk. 


Examples of our data privacy work:

Data privacy: product counseling.

Work with product, engineering, and data science teams to evaluate and collaboratively adjust new products and features for privacy compliance

Data protection: risk assessment template

A customized series of questions to assist a business in thinking through data protection risk for various activities, including the development of new product features, data sharing partnerships, marketing activities, and uses of employee data.

Data sharing: analysis and implementation

Analyzed an app-based home service company’s data collection and sharing practices, including data shared with subsidiaries and subcontractors. Drafted privacy disclosures to satisfy the California Consumer Privacy Act and wiretapping laws.


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