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Based in the heart of San Francisco, our experienced legal team is uniquely positioned to navigate the complexities of corporate law within the dynamic tech industry. Our mission: to help burgeoning startups and established corporations alike secure their futures, protect their interests, and achieve their visions with the confidence that a solid legal framework brings. 

Corporate law is a broad, intricate field that governs the formation and operations of corporations. It encompasses a spectrum of legal disciplines, from the initial process of incorporation to the management of complex transactions for well-established businesses. At Providentia, our practice is tailored to meet the unique needs of the tech industry, and we have a deep understanding of the specific challenges and opportunities that tech companies face. Our team is dedicated to removing barriers that may impede the growth of your tech business. 

We identify potential legal roadblocks and provide strategic solutions to keep your company moving forward.

Incorporation and Startup Support

For startups or new entity formations, our corporate law practice begins with guiding tech startups through the incorporation process. We assist entrepreneurs and businesses in setting up the legal structure of their new ventures, ensuring that they are formed on a solid legal foundation. We consider everything from shareholder rights to management structures, from corporate compliance to the ongoing reporting requirements.

Advising on Fundraising and Governance

We deeply understand the importance of fundraising for startups. Our team is skilled in preparing fundraising documents that meet both regulatory standards and investor expectations. As a San Francisco corporate law firm, we are well-versed in different funding avenues commonly used by high-growth technology companies, from angel investments and venture capital to crowdfunding platforms, and we can help guide startups towards the most appropriate options for their specific circumstances.

In addition to setting up fundraising documents, we also offer advice on fundraising strategies. We provide a critical eye and an experienced hand to help startups negotiate terms and avoid common pitfalls. From seed funding to Series A, B, C rounds, and beyond, we’re there every step of the way to ensure that our clients’ interests are protected.

As your company grows and matures, Providentia is ready to help navigate the complexities of corporate governance. We prepare companies for major transitions such as Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) or trade sales. From establishing board structures to ensuring compliance with securities laws, our team has the expertise to guide tech companies through the labyrinthine world of corporate governance.

Due Diligence and Preparations for Trade Sales and IPOs

Providentia provides comprehensive due diligence services in preparation for trade sales and IPOs. We meticulously review contracts, inspect financial records, and analyze business practices to ensure a smooth transition. We understand the importance of assignment provisions in contracts and work diligently to ensure that these allow for assignment to the buyer of the business.

While we do not directly take clients through IPOs, our expertise allows us to prepare companies for this process. Our meticulous approach to due diligence and corporate governance ensures that when the time for an IPO or trade sale comes, our clients are fully prepared.

Post-IPO or Post-Sale Integration and Trademark Services

After an IPO or sale, we assist with post-transaction integration. We handle a range of issues, including property, privacy, and trademarks, ensuring that the transition is as seamless as possible. Whether it’s integrating employee policies or aligning business practices, our team is dedicated to smoothing the way for your company’s next chapter.

Trademarks are a crucial aspect of a tech company’s intellectual property portfolio. At Providentia, we help clients protect their brand and their market position by guiding them through the trademark registration process. We also offer robust trademark enforcement services, helping clients guard against infringement and protect their valuable brand assets.

Removing Barriers and Establishing Data Privacy Frameworks

In the era of data-driven business, we understand the importance of privacy.

We assist our clients in establishing comprehensive Terms of Use and Privacy Policies that comply with the law, protect consumer data, and build trust with users. We stay abreast of the latest legal developments in privacy and data security, ensuring that our clients are always in compliance with changing regulations.

Work With A Tech-Experienced Partner You Can Trust

At Providentia, we are more than just legal counsel – we are strategic partners for the tech industry. Our corporate law practice is designed to support and facilitate your company’s growth at every stage, from startup to IPO and beyond. Our firm exists to serve the needs of growing technology companies with tech-experienced attorneys focusing on data privacy, regulatory compliance, payments and more. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your tech company navigate the exciting, challenging world of corporate law.


Providentia is a tech transactions law firm that’s designed to provide counsel and services which are tailored to the needs of growing technology companies. We take an integrated approach to legal services, working directly with your team to provide comprehensive strategies that go beyond traditional legal analysis.

Select the level of engagement that best fits your legal needs:​

Outside Counsel

Work with Providentia as much or as little as you need in a traditional outside counsel engagement format to gain access to a firm with specialized experience serving the legal needs of technology businesses of all shapes and sizes.


Gain complete access to a dedicated attorney for a defined contract term. Secondment is an excellent option when your business has legal needs of a long duration or you’d prefer to deeply integrate an attorney into your team.


Examples of our corporate law work:

(Trans)Forming Your Business

From incorporation filings for start-ups to leading post-acquisition integrations for public companies, we have a wealth of experience applying corporate legal advice in the operational environment in order to achieve pragmatic, effective, business solutions.

Big deal experience and temperament

We partnered the in-house legal and business teams to design and execute the contract strategy for the final separation of two major public ecommerce companies. We have successfully negotiated marketplace enterprise contracts and international biotech licensing agreements with values in excess of $100 million.   

Protecting your brand and your brainchild

We have established trademarks for our start up clients, and successfully prosecuted software and medtech patents for tech companies in the US and abroad.

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