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Product & Payments Counsel ‘Tiger Team’ for a public fintech company

The client, a large B2B payment processing and lending platform, needed legal support for its product teams during a transitional period.

Legal ‘Tiger Team’

Providentia was able to provide an experienced team of attorneys with a broad knowledge base in financial services, bank partnerships, lending, contract management, product development, and product implementation.

During the one-year plus engagement, the Providentia team supported the launch of several new business lending products, the enhancement of product features for bank and strategic partnerships, and the launch of a new single sign-on platform experience for current and future customers.

The Providentia team also supported the dispute management function while the company worked on building up their dispute and complaint management capabilities.

Transitional coverage

While the Providentia team worked directly with the product and compliance organizations, the client’s GC was able to hire a Product Legal VP, who in turn was able to begin the work of recruiting new attorneys to build a full and robust product counsel team. The ability to provide key Product Legal roles to the business through Providentia during that transitional period allowed the client to continue daily business and legal processes. As new attorneys were hired and joined the team, the Providentia team was able to assist with the transition of work.

Departmental Support

Providentia also assisted the Product Legal  team with an in-depth analysis and consolidation of the processes of legal engagement, role definition, and maintenance of up-to-date training and reference materials for both the Product Legal and Disputes departments.


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