Corporate Counsel


PROVIDENTIA LAW’S corporate counseling practice advises technology companies on their contracts, governance, policy, and consolidations. Principal Attorney David Ryan has over 30 years of international business and legal experience, enabling him to be a trusted advisor to both large and small companies in verticals ranging from tech devices to e-commerce platforms to biotech.




PROVIDENTIA LAW possesses a wealth of talent, energy, and expertise in the contracts arena. We focus on three aspects of contracts: Transactions, Architecture, and Solutions. We have led negotiation strategy and execution for numerous multi-million-dollar deals in many countries around the world. We have designed and implemented new contract architecture for two of the best-known tech companies in the world. We are experts in current contract software and at the forefront of the future smartcontracts revolution.


Governance and Policy

PROVIDENTIA LAW has advised major global companies on the development of a comprehensive risk taxonomy and the implementation of policies and procedures in order to ensure that internal governance meets external legal, financial, and regulatory requirements. Drafting new policies, and re-drafting current policies has in some cases achieved significant loss reduction for our clients.


M&A Integration

We love to help our clients win big. Prior to establishing PROVIDENTIA LAW, David Ryan was on point for the Business Operations team of one of the world’s top companies during the post-merger integration of a global channel business following a multi-billion dollar acquisition. Recent successes include the integration of an offshore e-commerce platform start-up into the core business and operations of its public-quoted US parent.


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