Wealth Preservation


PROVIDENTIA LAW’s asset protection practice grew from Attorney David Ryan’s personal experience with the issues Silicon Valley families, executives, and business owners face. We design complete, custom plans that protect family members, assets and values, starting with our initial 360-degree review process and maintaining with our subsequent lifetime support program. We bring our core principles of a visionary, flexible, relationship-oriented practice to each of our clients by:

  • Supporting clients through a 360-degree review and lifetime membership program
  • Offering a range of fixed-fee engagements, tailored to meet each client’s unique situation
  • Educating and preparing clients to make effective decisions regarding possible future changes in the law or the tax regime



Estate Planning

Asset protection begins with a fundamental estate plan. The benefits of such a plan cannot be overstated. Your privacy and confidentiality are kept intact via practice management software with built-in, encrypted web portals that also improve communication by providing you with 24/7, convenient, and secure access to your case information.


Children 360°

Planning for your children's future - The comprehensive protection of minor children from worst-case scenarios is a concern for every parent. We lift that weight off parents’ shoulders by creating a customized plan for each family that provides the security of knowing that, whatever the circumstances, there is an immediately actionable plan in place to protect your children.


Business Succession Planning

The Fortune 500 has a significant proportion of family businesses, and it’s well-known that family businesses drive the economies of western democracies. But due to a lack of deep understanding of family dynamics and subsequent strategic planning, family businesses have low survival rates over time, often failing at the point of transfer.

PROVIDENTIA LAW addresses those issues and creates effective and foresightful Buy-Sell Agreements for family business owners and controllers.


Advanced Asset Protection

A recent study showed that over 80% of the family money was gone within 50 years of the founder’s death. According to Williams Group, 70% of wealthy families lose their wealth by the second generation, and a stunning 90% by the third.

Advanced asset protection takes advantage of more complex forms of trusts and planning, such as Irrevocable Lifetime Insurance Trusts (ILITs) or the more recent Family Advancement Sustainability Trusts (F.A.S.T.) intended to preserve and develop wealth over the long-term by endowing a multi-generational family education process.

PROVIDENTIA LAW continually stays abreast of all policy changes to best optimize your advanced asset protection plan.


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